Ben Thorn REALTOR®

Started selling real estate in 1995, I needed a job while I was going to school. It was not my intended career, but while going to school I realized I loved the job I was already doing. I sell real estate because I love meeting people, making new friends and succeeding together. If I can help anyone reach a goal be it real estate or anything goal for that matter, I am all in. We are all on the same team and when I help one person achieve a goal or level of success it can benefit all of us. Happiness is working together and doing my best and helping others do the same. Love what you do, love where you live and love who you serve.

Languages (other than English):


Proudest Moment:

Watching my kids succeed in life

Hardest thing you've ever done:

Recovery from a near fatal climbing accident

Perfect day:

Any day in the mountains on my bike or skiing after new snowfall.

Best gift you've ever received:

Cat skiing trip to British Columbia from my wife

First job:

Mowing lawns

Define success:

A balanced, peaceful life

What do you love about Utah?

The changing seasons, the landscape, and the many activities to participate in

What are you known for?

Being professional, friendly, and positive